TT Games’ LEGO computer game series are recognized for their using of unlockable cheat codes, which in turn let players to gain access to a selection of features just like dual hold weapons and score multipliers. As is customary with these kind of video games, almost all of the codes in LEGO Superstar Wars: The Skywalker Favola can be triggered by entering them through a special menu that’s accessible via the stop menu or an in-game ui location. Many of these codes have already been around for a time now, having come bundled with several Lego Superstar Wars collections and other purchasable items, while some are currently at the same time of being presented.

There are a number of these codes in the works, which include some that will give players holiday-themed versions of some of the game’s most popular characters and vehicles. Others will grants helpful stud multipliers and other fun gameplay modifiers you can use to make the experience a little bit more crazy. Using these types of codes is comparatively simple; simply just struck the stop button, go to the Accessories menu and enter one of the following uncover codes:

Some of these codes definitely will unlock roles that were not available in the main story. This includes the infamous Sidious code, that enables players to learn as Emperor Palpatine and cause all manner of havoc through the game. Various other codes uncover helpful tools and vehicles which can be used to make the experience of exploring the Legend Wars universe in a Lego-inspired way more enjoyable.